Founder/CEO Debra Barnes

Debra has been in the medical field as an Registered Nurse for over 40+ years(of which 20+  years as a Nurse Practitioner). She has worn many hats to include, a Nurse, Nurse Practitioner,  Educator,  Community Activist, National Speaker, Radio Talk Show Host, Minister and  College Professor.  She now brings her expertise together forming a unique platform to educate and equip the community on awareness in  personal safety and health education .

My Story

My steps changed direction early in 2018 to Personal Safety and Health Awareness. 

The statistics on Domestic Violence, Assaults, High Jacking, Bullying,  Sexual Assaults and other violent acts in our community to innocent persons is increasing. 


Cancer deaths can be prevented in most cases, with the right information and being aware of your risks. 

The only way I know how to LEVEL the PLAYING FIELD is with Education and Awareness.

We have heard many times before, that "Those without a Plan, Plan to FAIL".  

Thus LIFE PROTECTORS FOUNDATION 501 (c)(3) was created for the distinct purpose to educate  on Personal Safety and Health Awareness. . 

 Adding a unique Genetic Screening Program to the Health Educational Workshops allows us to Proactively teach about how our family history cycle of diseases can be broken.

I'm grateful for still being able to provide a service to our communities even when most people look to retirement after a long career, I'm looking at walking in another purpose and direction in Personal Safety and Health Awareness. 

Please share our information, attend our workshops/Seminars.

Only you are Responsible for your life, 

but Knowledge is Wisdom and will keep you Aware and Safe.

Minister Debra Barnes WHCNP, FNP-BC